Detmolder Design Woche 2024

Timo Heijnk




Timo Heijnk is a german artist based in Detmold.
His works focus on the correlation between various disciplines and finding beauty in imperfect objects /
happenings. An approach of connecting aesthetic, gesture and poetry with each other, merged as a fluent

2023: group exhibition Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo
2023: “nuage” paper objects, Ryke Berlin
2023: bilan solo exhibition, „natural order“ École des Beaux-Arts d‘Angers, Angers, France
since 2023: member of Lippischer Künstlerbund
2023: 2x group exh., Detmold Design Week
2022: group exh. „Jardin Japonais“, Detmold Design Week
2022: founding of Detmold Design Week association
2022: organization of the first Detmold Design Week
2022: group exh. „perception“ Lange Straße, Detmold
2021: founding of HOT studio, an artist community with a versatile space for cultural events
since 2021: member of Deutscher Werkbund NRW
2019: founding of artist community Labor Sieben, Detmold
2019-2021: student assistant at THOWL Detmold, color and space
2019: student assistant at THOWL Detmold, furniture design
since 2017: student at THOWL Detmold, interior architecture


Putzlappen series

I am a correlation
hanging out to dry
I clean up mess
from ancestors
turning the past
into whatever
I am a paradox of choice
a mirror of your roots

i am Non-functional
you can think anything of me

works on paper and ink leftovers from previous/meanwhile ongoing projects and paintings