Detmolder Design Woche 2024

dmC – digital methods Collective




In the digital methods Collective (dmC), technology enthusiasts from seven
different countries joined forces aiming to revolutionize the construction industry
through digital transformation. Our team offers expertise in diverse fields such as
computational design, construction robotics, facade design, digital fabrication,
and design automation. As a well curated team proved their harmony in multiple
complex projects, We provide services in the digitization of construction,
leveraging advanced technologies to enhance industry practices. Rooted in the
NRW OWL region, we integrate global insights with local nuances, fostering
innovation and sustainable growth while actively seeking global collaborations.

dmC Team: Aram Badr, Alla Vinogradova, Andrei Stan, Lando Schumpich, Luis Alfonso Gutierrez, Yiğit Denktaş and Mohamed Khaled Ashmawy.


Scan to BIM: TH-OWL Research on Digital Identification of Corvey World Heritage Site
Research description: The project focuses on the historic Corvey building in Höxter, where a comprehensive 3D scan of the entire structure using drones, laser scanners, photogrammetry and 360 cameras was conducted. The goal of the research team, that includes two of our members, Aram Badr and Luis Gutierrez, was to capture the Building intricate details and unique architectural features in order to develop the necessary architectural drawings that reflects its current state to support the future retrofit of the complex.

Looking ahead, the dmC team, in collaboration with TH OWL aims to enhance the dataset collected during the research project to generate a digital twin by incorporating detailed BIM (Building Information Modeling) elements for each scanned component. This will involve adding rich metadata, such as material properties, structural information, and maintenance records, to create an invaluable resource for preservation, renovation, and educational purposes.

Research Team:
Project Managers
Dipl. Arq/Urb M. Eng. Thomaz da Silva Lopes Vieira
Prof. Dr. Ing. Yvonne-Christin Knepper-Bartel
Prof. Dipl. Eng. Jens-Uwe Schulz
Research Assistants
Luis Alfonso Gutierrez Suarez
Aram Badr
External Support
PhD Candidate Yingwen Yu (TU Delft)”